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Town Crier helps you to plan and set your strategy in advance, across multiple channels, and then takes care of the rest. It supports posts with AI and a media manager, and follows up with analytical insights.

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Discover how Town Crier empowers you to take control of your social media strategy with a comprehensive set of features designed to simplify your workflow and maximize your social impact.

Social Media Calendar
Stay organized and plan your posts efficiently with our intuitive calendar that displays and organizes your content at a glance.
Post Versions
Customize your posts for different social networks effortlessly, ensuring that your content is always perfectly formatted and tailored.
Post Templates
Boost productivity by creating reusable post templates, streamlining your content creation process.
Natural content queueing
Develop a consistent content schedule that feels natural and relatable to your audience, without having to be online 24/7.
Best Time to Post
Maximize your impact by scheduling posts when your audience is most active and receptive.
Media Library
Access and reuse your media files, including images, GIFs, and videos, with ease. We also support stock images from Unsplash and GIFs from Tenor.
Seamlessly manage multiple brands and businesses by organizing social accounts, team members, posts, and assets into dedicated workspaces.
More to come
Leveraging the robust foundation of Mixpost software, Town Crier is on an exciting journey with plenty of upcoming features.

“I launched Town Crier so that I could get closer to my company's users, and wanted to make that as simple as possible for others too.”



Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Find a new way to compose posts, videos and scheduled content. Say goodbye to writer's block.

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  • Flying solo - no teammates
  • One channel
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A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.

$19 /month

  • Up to 3 teammates
  • Up to 5 channels
  • 5 AI credits
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All the resources needed to delight your clients and users.

$69 /month

  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited channels
  • 50 AI credits
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Frequently asked questions

What is Town Crier, and how can it benefit my social media strategy?

Town Crier is a powerful social media management platform designed to streamline your social media strategy. It helps you schedule and customize posts, engage with your audience, and optimize your content strategy for better results. Whether you're an individual, business, or agency, Town Crier can enhance your online presence and save you time.

Can I use Town Crier for multiple brands or businesses?

Yes, Town Crier offers the flexibility to manage several brands or businesses simultaneously. Our Workspaces feature allows you to organize social accounts, team members, posts, and assets into dedicated spaces for efficient management.

How can I ensure my posts are optimized for different social networks?

Town Crier's Post Versions feature allows you to easily format your posts to suit different social networks' requirements. You can customize your content for each platform, ensuring your messages resonate with your audience on every channel.

Is Town Crier suitable for both beginners and experienced social media marketers?

Absolutely! Town Crier is designed for users of all skill levels. Beginners can enjoy its user-friendly interface and scheduling capabilities, while experienced marketers can take advantage of advanced features like post conditions and dynamic variables for more precise control.

What's the advantage of using a content queue in Town Crier?

The Content Queue feature in Town Crier helps you maintain a consistent posting schedule. It encourages you to create content regularly while allowing you to pre-plan posts, ensuring your social media presence remains engaging and active.

Can I track the performance of my social media posts using Town Crier?

Yes, Town Crier provides insights into your social media performance. You can measure different metrics, depending on the social media network, such as likes, engagement rates, and audience growth to gauge the effectiveness of your posts.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! You get a 14-day free trial when you sign up for Town Crier. You can try out all the features and decide if it's the right social media management platform for you, risk-free. If you don't need the team features, you can continue using Town Crier for free after the trial period.

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